Tony Stewart Proves He Can Make Good Decisions

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Most people think of Nascar simple as entertainment, or as a sport. But like all other entertainment, and like all others sports, Nascar is also about money. Tony Stewar was considered the hot-head of the business just a couple of years ago, but he is now being hailed as a genius businessman. This article demonstrates how well his team is doing now.

Stewart won $6.8 million behind the wheel, and teammate Ryan Newman raked in another $5 million, making SHR the second-highest-earning team in Nascar’s chase for the 2009 Cup. Stewart-Haas earned $55 million in sponsorship revenue last season, the most of any two-driver team and seventh most overall. FORBES values the team at $98 million, up 23% since last year, the seventh most valuable one in Nascar.

Not a bad turn-around at all. I guarantee, too, that any driver who is thinking about moving up from a lesser team is going to entertain an offer from Stewart.